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Dostoyevsky would totally dig Stevie Nicks.


Request: Stevie + piano.


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One of the best articles ever written about Tori Amos.

"In rock music, there tends to be two types of women granted the stage: tough girls and nice girls. Tough girls—Polly Jean Harvey, Patti Smith—get respect, albeit grudgingly, because they display traits we honor in men: They’re confrontational, direct, balls-out. Nice girls—Dusty Springfield, Sarah McLachlan—are admired for displaying the compliance and sweetness we associate with femininity. Of course, it’s a false dichotomy: No one is purely nice or purely strong. But Amos, who was both achingly, publicly vulnerable and openly defiant, fit most easily into a shadowy third category, feared by performers and lambasted by critics: the hysterical, shrieking female."

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Even the experience of Amos’s music itself was, in some senses, stereotypically feminine. To go to a Tori Amos concert was to seek catharsis. Her performances were known for being unpredictable and hugely expressive. There were lots of tears, there was lots of screaming, and sometimes both of them were coming from the stage. To some degree, the passion around Amos was disquieting because her performances asked the audience to surrender control, to commit themselves to experiencing huge, sometimes scary emotions, to leave the realm of rational thought behind and make intuitive connections between the words, the noises, and the sheer physicality of the woman on the stage, who might be grinding herself orgasmically against her piano bench or angrily clawing herself. Of course it made people uncomfortable; it was about leaving comfort zones behind, about surrendering inhibitions.
"Birth of the Uncool" Primal (As found in ‘Bitch’ magazine)
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but you see when i was carrying my guitar case around people thought i had weapons in there like who the fuck am i banderas 

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Stevie nicks is the only one that matters and you suck.

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STEVIE NICKS MEME → [2/2 interviews] » The Mojo Interview, December 2013 (by James McNair)

Was there a specific moment when you turned from being Stephanie Lynn Nicks into “Rock Star Stevie Nicks”?

I knew that I was Stevie Nicks after about three weeks of being in Fritz. I would stroll through San Jose State with my guitar case thinking, “Does everybody know who I am? I’m a rock star.” I felt it and I believed it.

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Danae, 1909
Egon Schiele


Danae, 1909

Egon Schiele

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